We're on Patreon!

Donations come to us through social networks quite often and at the same time, people did this absolutely voluntarily not receiving anything in return from us except, in fact, manga. Therefore, we decided to create a page on Patreon! Now, if you decide to support our project, you will get various goodies from this decision! At the moment there are 3 options for subscribing to our Patreon:

Link to our PATREON page

"Bronze ticket" worth $1 per month. Becoming a bronze patron will get you access to the Patreon posts. We constantly post "backstage materials", sketches, drawings, and guides that will not be laid out in other social networks. Also, musical themes, animations, and CHAPTERS OF MANGA will be available to all patrons earlier than to our other readers (2-4 days). In addition, on our discord server, the patrons will receive a role in accordance with their tickets on the Patreon

A "Silver Ticket" worth $5 per month. The silver patron will receive a place in the credits of each future chapter since becoming a silver patron. At the end of the chapter, there will be a page with thanks to our sponsors, where you can see your name. In addition, you will be taken to the "Board of Honor" on our official website and you will be given a silver role in the discord server.

And finally, a Golden Ticket worth $50 per month. You will be able to observe the whole process of creating the next chapter from beginning to end as well as a 'special place' on the board of honor.

So we can thank everyone who decides to support us. We will be glad to see you on our Patreon page! Thanks a lot, everyone!

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