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Moscow Calling takes place in Russia in 2000. This story is about Georgiy Lastochkin, an 18-year old Russian student with mysterious stand. Living in Vladivostok, he studies at a local university, and happens to have a crush on one of his classmates. On one end he has to deal with his everyday life as a student - on the other, he needs to deal with the mysteries of his stand. One day he begins travelling throughout Russia, all the way from Vladivostok to Moscow! There are sure to be faithful friends and clever enemies, comedy and drama, and of course - Stand battles.Learn what it means to be a Russian Stand user in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Moscow Calling!

Volume №1. Chapter №4 - Vladivostok 2000, part 4. Page №26 Volume №1. Chapter №2 - Vladivostok 2000, part 2. Page №12 Volume №1. Chapter №3 - Vladivostok 2000, part 3. Page №23

Last news: Screenwriter got conscripted

Screenwriter got conscripted
Maybe you know that conscription in Russia is real thing for men aged from 18 to 27. Well then. So the day has come. Ladies and Gentlemen! I, a screenwriter, will leave for the army tomorrow. Here it is. I will not be with you all year. I hasten to reassure you that nothing will happen to the project, since I managed to prepare everything for the year ahead) I wrote 11 scripts for Moscow Calling and the team was left with detailed instructions. The team will not completely lose contact with me, I will call up by phone and somehow even keep my finger on the pulse of events. After some time, I will have more free time and they will probably even let me go on leave. So. Calmed you all. Now parting words. Our readers. You are one of the most wonderful people that I know. Thanks to you, this project is afloat and developing. Over the year, from a group of two hundred people in Russia, we were able to grow to a community with more than ten thousand people. What about western internet. We we...
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Georgiy Lastochkin